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it isn't very late, but i have the house to myself in a way. msn messenger is down and i had to log onto the main site to check my email, not that difficult, but still. i have stopped taking my med's and am doing rather well. very proud of myself actually. i hosted a sleep-over-it was just the 2 girls-but without my dope!! i am really hopeful that since i have stopped and gotten over-i think-the drugs in my system that i can trudge thru the rest of my life with out having to take a pill every day to be normal. i shaved my legs today too!! that was a little celebration for myself and i don't expect anyone else to care or understand other than i have pretty long legs and it takes damn near an hour to shave 'em.
i read To Kill a Mockingbird and i have to say it has to be one of the greatest books i have ever read. i missed it in high school, somehow, along with what i am sure will be other great books that i am now going to read. if my little pissant libary has. i may have to go into the city to get the real good ones, but maybe my library will just have the books bussed over for me to read if i ask real nice. altho i lost my library card and have to get a new one. it isn't the whole dollar i will have to pay to get a new one, it is the indignity of loosing what is one of the greatest things in my life that hurts me.
well, my drink is finished and i must get a new one. good night all!
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